If hard scientific fact is what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re compiling resources to satisfy your needs an ongoing basis. Here, you’ll find carefully crafted and accessible maps, data, and podcasts. We’ve got plenty to suit the research needs of academics; answer queries for government agencies and environmental organizations; and satisfy the curiosity of recreational folk (hello sailors, windsurfers, kayakers!) and citizens who grace Lake Superior’s shores. We hope both Canadian and American users find these tools useful.

There’s something here for everybody. Take a look:

Lake Data

Find links to data on weather patterns; water levels, temperature, and flow; marine charts; bathymetry; currents and more. We’ve compiled over 15 different resources for your needs.


These sites chart for academics, scientists, and recreationists alike. Find mapping tools which show info for RAP, environmental assessment, nautical and marine use, water level viewing, impact of recreational sites, and more.


Provided by WunderMap, this is an interactive mapping tool which tracks weather systems over the North Shore and well, just about anywhere you ask! The reports are comprehensive and include everything from precipitation times, storm tracking, fire warnings, ski conditions, and trip planning aids.


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