Lake Superior Water Levels Down

Net water supplies to Lake Superior were below average in March.  The level of Lake Superior fell 5 cm/2 in. last month, while on average the lake declines 1 cm/.39 in. in March. The Lake Superior level at the beginning of April is 14 cm/5.5 in. above average, 11 cm/4.3 in. below the level recorded […]

LU to Host September Climate Change Conference

  Save the date. Lakehead University will host a network of researchers, community workers, academics and government agencies involved in Climate Change adaptation and mitigation for a two day climate change seminar on September 28th and 29th, 2017. The event agenda is currently being developed and will cover a wide range of themes. Keynote speakers […]

Live at the Shipyards – April 29th

On Saturday, April 29th, the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra presents the event of the year in the most unlikely location. The Port Arthur Shipyards. As the Symphony puts it, “The shipyard’s industrial backdrop provides a unique stage for the musical experience of a lifetime.” The event also features Chef Andrew Stone from Daytona’s Kitchen and […]

Canada Ratifies Minimata Convention on Mercury

Canada announced on April 7th that it has ratified the Minimata Convention, a global agreement to reduce human generated mercury releases to the environment, both in Canada and abroad. A news release from the government of Canada states that, “Exposure to mercury is known to cause negative health effects to those who are most vulnerable, […]

Study looks at the visual capabilities of deep water fish in Lake Superior

Lake Superior as compared to the other Great Lakes consists of a relatively simple food web consisting of few major predators and prey fish. The interactions of the predator and prey community in the deep offshore regions of Lake Superior have been well studied except for the role that vision plays in these fish. To […]

Scientists Puzzled by Rise in Mercury in Great Lakes Fish

Though advisories about toxic mercury in fish have continued in Michigan and the surrounding Great Lakes, with recommendations to limit consumption of certain species to a few times per month, the amount of mercury found in fish tissues has dropped steadily over decades since the 1970s. That corresponded with the reduction of pollution coming from […]

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Cuts – What They Might Mean

The proposed Trump budget includes, among many other agency cuts, massive cuts in funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI). Launched in 2010, the GLRI receives about $300 million a year in federal funding to help states and tribes with environmental projects around the lakes like cleaning up toxic sludge in tributary rivers, keeping invasive […]

Strong Support for Harbour Habitat Recovery

The room was bursting at the seams as members of the Public Advisory Committee to the Thunder Bay Remedial Action Plan,  joined by members of the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists and members of the public, discussed ways, means and locations where Thunder Bay’s waterfront habitat could be improved in quality and quantity. The meeting also […]

Lake Superior Photos: Catherine Meharg

Catherine Meharg of Nipigon, Ontario (formerly of Terrace Bay), kindly agreed to supply one of her photos for the banner section in our March 31st, 2017 newsletter. Another of Catherine’s recent Rossport photos is provided above. A little background from the photographer herself: …An early start, since I don’t like getting up before the sun. […]

Massive Lake Superior Land Conservation Deal Completed

Thanks to cross-border collaboration involving several organizations, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has purchased one of the last privately owned, undeveloped shorelines between Duluth, Minnesota and Thunder Bay, Ontario. The deal is the latest in a string of Lake Superior conservation purchases, as outlined below in the links section. Known as Big Trout Bay, […]