Fate and Effects of Plastics in the Great Lakes

Tues, April 410am CST / 11am EST Kennedy Bucci, EcoSuperior and University of TorontoFree, Open to the publicRegister here Dr. Kennedy Bucci will present her research about the fate of plastic pollution in the Great Lakes and their effects, along with offering ideas on how we can address this issue. The presentation will be followed by time […]

The Release of The Peninsula Harbour Area of Concern Status Report 2022

We are excited to present The Peninsula Harbour Area of Concern Status Report 2022 as it shows a great example of a collaborative efforts made by conservation authorities, municipalities, First Nation communities, Métis communities, environmental groups, industry and the public to develop and successfully implement the Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for the Peninsula Harbour Area of […]

AV Terrace Bay Pulp Mill Joins Forest Industry Advocate

After 75 years of operation, Terrace Bay’s pulp mill becomes a member of The Ontario Forest Industries Association (OFIA) – one of the province’s oldest forest-industry boosters. “On behalf of AV Terrace Bay, I’m delighted that our organization is joining the OFIA. We know that our industry is strongest when it stands together, and we’re […]

Will Thunder Bay become the Lithium processing hub for the North American EV supply chain?

Photo from Green Technology Metals showing the rail access close to the Seymour project The climate crisis is tapping on our shoulders and governments are pushing for the movement from gas-powered vehicles to electric-powered ones. This move cannot be done without one particular metal, lithium. Lithium is the lightest metal in the world. It has […]

Paige’s Pick – Blue Mind

The message throughout Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols is clear, being by the water is beneficial to our well-being. Some may be afraid of swimming for fear […]

Canada and the United States released 2022 Progress Report of the Parties

Canada and the United States released the third Progress Report of the Parties, pursuant to the 2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA). This Report documents the significant accomplishments achieved through the cooperation of many partners on both sides of the border in implementing the 2012 GLWQA over 2020 to 2022. Canada and the United States produce and […]

Surfing on the Current River could be a reality for the future

Have you been reading about surfing on Lake Superior, but the frigid temperatures and mammoth size of the lake have been steering you away from trying? What if you could surf in Thunder Bay, but on a river? This an idea that Brett Sharman and others at Surfmasons River Surfers Association have explored and proposed. […]

Breaking Barriers – Mike Shoreman on record to become the first person with a disability to cross all 5 of the Great Lakes

Mike Shoreman also known as “the unbalanced paddleboarder” is on his way to rewriting the history books and changing the narrative for people with disabilities by becoming the first person with a disability to cross ALL FIVE of the Great Lakes. Mike Shoreman is a Canadian from Toronto, ON who in 2018 was diagnosed with […]

International Panel on Climate Change Report – What it Means for Lake Superior

Earlier this year the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report called AR6 Climate Change 2021 – The Physical Science Basis. The report goes through various changes that have happened, are happening, and are projected to happen to the climate and environment based on a variety of warming scenarios. The report shows that […]

Wildfires and their lesser-known impact on water

This summer, Northwestern Ontario experienced a large number of forest fires. The skies were cloudless, and the air reeked of a campfire for days on end. With climate-changing altering precipitation patterns, it’s projected that what we experienced this summer is only the beginning. Most of the talk around wildfire impacts is around air quality. Throughout […]