New Infosuperior Mapping Tool
Posted on: November 9, 2015
Mapping Tool
Infosuperior’s new mapping tool allows users to focus on specific environmental issues in Thunder Bay Harbour.

Go directly to the mapping tool…

Overview of the mapping tool…

Infosuperior has posted a new mapping tool providing an overview of the Thunder Bay “Area of Concern.” The online map shows the entire Thunder Bay Harbour which comprises this Great Lakes Area of Concern.  The map allows viewers to focus on specific harbour locations where remedial actions have been implemented to address issues like degraded habitat or contaminated sediment. Textual information is also provided outlining the specific environmental issue addressed, the action taken, the partners who put the project in place and the cost for each project. Along with maps and textual information, links are provided to associated photos, video clips, documents and reports. Historical imagery is also provided for several project sites, allowing visitors to view specific project locations both before and after implementation.

View the many Great Lakes mapping tools available on Infosuperior.

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