Nipigon Bay “Delisting Report” – More Input Received
Posted on: June 29, 2015
Red Rock Treatment Plant Upgrades
Members of the public at a December 5th, 2012 open house held in Red Rock focusing on plans for upgrades to the towns wastewater treatment plant. Upgrades to the plant figure largely in comments received from several organizations about “delisting” The Nipigon Bay Area of Concern. An announcement was made that the plant would be built in 2009 but construction has not started.

At their June 9th meeting, the Public Advisory Committee (PAC) to the Nipigon Bay Remedial Action Plan discussed the “Report Recommending Delisting and Path Forward.” The group “commends the authors for accurately reporting on work completed to address environmental impairments in Nipigon Bay.” PAC members encourage the federal and provincial governments to provide an ongoing environmental monitoring plan, ask for input into Town of Nipigon plans for stormwater management and also ask for completion of upgrades to the Red Rock municipal wastewater treatment plant. PAC members say they support delisting the Nipigon Bay Area of Concern once the above mentioned items are in place.

Comment has also been received from the Towns of Nipigon and Red Rock. Nipigon supports delisting and Red Rock notes, “the volume of work that has been completed and great strides that have been accomplished in cleaning up Nipigon Bay over the past 20 years.” Deputy Mayor Steve Carruthers, in a letter dated June 24th, says Red Rock councillors do not favour delisting Nipigon Bay at this time. He says council feels that removing the Area of Concern designation might jeopardize federal funding for wastewater treatment plant upgrades.

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