Chief Morriseau Concerned Over Potential Relocation of North Harbour Sediments to Mission Bay CDF
Posted on: August 27, 2014

In a recent article, Chief Georjaan Morriseau of the Fort William First Nation expressed concern over the potential relocation of mercury-contaminated sediment in the Thunder Bay North Harbour to the Mission Bay confined disposal facility.

This concern comes after Cole Engineering recently released their Sediment Management Options Report which is available here. In the report, the preferred management option involves dredging the nearly 400,000 cubic meters of the material currently located near the former Cascades mill and disposing it into the confined disposal facility near Chippewa Park.

The general public still has the opportunity to provide comments and input on the selected options. Comments should be directed to Jamie Saunders of EcoSuperior or by using the form (linked here).


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