George Creek Habitat Rehabilitation Project – Photos
Posted on: September 6, 2013
George Creek Volunteers
Volunteers Amy Godwin, Tom Kleinboeck, James Williams and Frank Edgson work on the George Creek Habitat Rehabilitation Project at Centennial Park in Thunder Bay, August, 2013.

Click on the above photo or click here to view a complete set of photos from before starting the project and right through to North Shore Steelhead Association George Creek Habitat Rehabilitation Project completion. George Creek is a small creek flowing into the Current River at Centennial Park in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The project was carried out in August, 2013. It is anticipated that over 150m2 of previously altered and unproductive habitat will be restored through the construction and implementation of a natural channel design. This will include the creation of a number of pools and riffles and habitat features to improve nursery areas that were previously destroyed. Click here for a complete project description and rationale, including project partners.

Funding for this project has been secured from the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund, The Great Lakes Sustainability Fund, Canada-Ontario Agreement Respecting the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem, the Land Stewardship and Habitat Restoration Fund, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunter Zone B chapter (Thunder Bay District), Hydro One, the Thunder Bay District Stewardship Council and North Shore Steelhead Association.

(Considerable stream rehab experience and expertise is being developed in the Thunder Bay/Nipigon Bay area. Click here for July, 2013 pictures of the Kama Creek rehab project on Nipigon Bay. A primary objective of the project was to restore fish passage under the railway crossing the creek, which formerly had a raised, impassable culvert. Fish have now been observed passing upstream from the railway.)


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