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Lake Superior Lakewide Management Plan Annual Report 2012

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For over 20 years, federal, provincial, state and tribal agencies have worked
cooperatively with local communities and private stakeholders through the Lake
Superior Lakewide Management Plan (LaMP) to restore and protect Lake Superior.
As a result, the Lake Superior ecosystem is in relatively good condition. To ensure
protection of this beautiful and important resource, continued vigilance and
protective actions are necessary.

The Lake Superior ecosystem is in good condition:

• fisheries are in good to excellent condition;
• lower food web is robust and stable;
• persistent toxic contaminants are generally decreasing or remaining stable, with
a few exceptions; and
• forest cover has increased since the 1980s, although the composition is changing.

There are, however, ongoing and emerging stressors and threats:

• some contaminants continue to cause fish advisories and exceed water quality
• some chemicals of emerging concern (e.g. flame retardants) are increasing;
• impacts from climate change, the spread of invasive species, and some land use
practices, including shoreline development, are stressing the ecosystem; and,
• mining activity and hydropower dams are expected to increase in the Lake
Superior basin, potentially degrading fish and wildlife habitat and releasing
contaminants, such as mercury, to the ecosystem.

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Dave Tyska

Dave Tyska
Dave Tyska

You don’t get much closer to the lake than Dave Tyska. A commercial fisherman who lived at Amethyst Harbour, some 35 km. east of the City of Thunder Bay, Dave Tyska passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012. Dave spent time on Lake Superior summer, winter, spring and fall. He was often on the water before others were even out of bed. Dave’s grandfather, from Finland, fished the same area off Amethyst Harbour and Caribou Island in an open, double-ended boat. Dave learned to fish with his father George in the same area. More information and online condolences…

Clearly Lake Superior

An early painting by Gordon MacKenzie
An early painting by Gordon MacKenzie

From Klaas Oswald of Sault Ste. Marie:

“There are times when we get too caught up in the ‘crisis of the day’ mode, cannot see the forest for the trees, and forget to sit back and enjoy.

This news article in put a lot of that back into perspective for me when I followed the links and looked at the artwork. Many of the pieces are clearly of Lake Superior, and the artist has certainly caught the essence of waves on rocks. Other pieces take me directly to snowy evenings, snowshoeing out of some small trout lake in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

Enjoy the trip; be sure to click on both ‘galleries recent work’ and ‘galleries older work’.

Here is the link to the news article at

-or go directly to the artist’s website at

Celebration! Capping Project Completed

Members of the Peninsula Harbour Community Liaison Committee, Environment Canada, Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Lakehead University and EcoSuperior staff celebrate with cake after completion of the thin-layer cap project to address contaminated sediment in Peninsula Harbour. This photo was taken at a Community Liaison Committee meeting in Marathon on November 12, 2012. Click the photo above for more pictures.

The presentation made by Kay Kim of Environment Canada regarding the thin-layer capping project in Peninsula Harbour is accessible on the reference section of this site. The presentation was made at the Nov. 20th, 2012 meeting of the Peninsula Harbour Community Liaison Committee in Marathon, Ontario. The presentation provides an overview of the completed project as well as an outline of intended long-term monitoring. The thin-layer capping project for contaminated sediment was completed in August, 2012.


The meeting of the Public Advisory Committee to the Thunder Bay Remedial Action Plan goes ahead at 7 p.m., Wednesday, November 21st, ATAC Building, Lakehead University. The meeting will focus on north harbour contaminated sediment and PAC role in addressing this issue. Several representatives of Environment Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment will be in attendance. Two Marathon, Ontario members of the Peninsula Harbour Community Liaison Committee (CLC) will also attend to provide CLC perspective re the thin-layer cap project recently completed in Peninsula Harbour. These people will have participated in a CLC meeting in Marathon on November 20th where an overview of actions taken in completing the Peninsula Harbour sediment project is set to be given.

Photos – Lake Superior Evening – Nov. 14, 2012

The room was full for the Nov. 14th, 2012 Lake Superior Evening featuring single-handed round-the-world sailing racer Derek Hatfield. The event was definitely about sailing but it was also about water and respect for the beautiful lake we share. See pictures at:

Kerry Berlinquette of Thunder Bay Yacht Club and Derek Hatfield
Kerry Berlinquette of Thunder Bay Yacht Club and Derek Hatfield – Click photo to see more.

The Vendée Globe Round-the-World Sailing Race started November 9th, 2012. Go to the Vendée Globe website: Vendée Globe

Lake Superior Evening – November 14/2012

North Atlantic – Sailing Alone Around the World

Wednesday November 14 – Symposium 6pm, Dinner 7pm, Speaker 8:30pm

What does it take to compete in the world’s most gruelling sport–open ocean solo sailing? Derek Hatfield knows all about it, as the only Canadian to successfully complete the Around the World open ocean solo yacht race, twice! Meet him in person at our next Lake Superior Evening, coming up Nov. 14 at the Victoria Inn. Join us for a fabulous 4-course dinner, silent auction and inspiring presentation by one of Canada’s great adventurers! This is a fund raiser for environmental projects throughout the Lake Superior Basin so don’t miss out. Reserve your tickets online at and pick them up at our office. You can also purchase tickets at our office, the Victoria Inn (cash only), FORM Architecture Engineering and Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.–$75 for the dinner & speaker, $20 for speaker only. For more information, call EcoSuperior at 624-2140.

Substrate Mapping – October 30th, 2012

Interesting to get an overview of the work of Hans Biberhofer and Cory Treen of Environment Canada on October 30th as they worked on substrate mapping in Thunder Bay. This is an effort to characterize Superior’s lake bottom, be it cobble, sand, gravel, etc., especially as it relates to fish habitat, specifially spawning habitat, as preferred by various fish species. This substrate mapping involves the use of GPS, sidescan sonar and video. An overview, in pictorial format, is provided below.

See all the photos at: